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Acrylic April Quarantine Kit

11/30/20 04:45:03AM @wendymauilady:
Waiting for your paints to be restocked. Is there an approximate date they will be available?
11/14/20 02:45:46AM @sands579:
Will this be in stock anytime soon?
07/04/20 07:02:42PM @einnoj:
I have been trying TYo order tge Quarantine kit. "There is a notice its available & orders are being shipped." However, the order form still says out of stock. Where do I place my order. Currently out of paint.
Annette Sweeney
05/04/20 08:28:37PM @annette-sweeney:
I need some art shepra soap please
05/04/20 05:53:13PM @cinnamon:
Yes there is an email, and tracking. If you dont see your email contact us
Annette Sweeney
05/04/20 08:27:30PM @annette-sweeney:
I do not see the email for tracking
04/27/20 06:30:03PM @tarae:
Will there be a tracking # or a notification of when the kit ships? Tara
05/07/20 11:00:14PM @cinnamon:
If for any reason you are not seeing your tracking email contact us and we will make sure you have it