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    Welcome to the Acrylic April 2023 All About ABSTRACT playlist, where you'll embark on a month-long artistic journey exploring the fascinating world of abstract art! Each day, this comprehensive playlist offers new tutorials, inspiring word prompts, and insightful tips to guide you through the creation of 30 unique abstract paintings. No matter your experience level, these captivating lessons will help you develop your skills, unlock your creativity, and express yourself through the versatile medium of acrylics.

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    This year's theme, Abstract Art, offers endless possibilities to experiment with colors, shapes, textures, and techniques. As you progress through the 30-day challenge, you'll discover the freedom and excitement of creating abstract paintings that reflect your unique artistic voice. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just beginning your journey, this challenge will provide invaluable experiences and opportunities for growth.

    Throughout the month, the daily tutorials will cover various aspects of abstract art, including:

    1. Understanding the foundations of abstract art and its history
    2. Mastering color theory and creating harmonious color palettes
    3. Experimenting with different brushwork and mark-making techniques
    4. Incorporating mixed media elements for added depth and interest
    5. Learning how to create dynamic compositions and balance visual elements
    6. Developing your personal style and artistic voice in abstract painting
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    In addition to the tutorials, you'll find inspiring word prompts to spark your creativity each day. These prompts encourage you to think outside the box and explore new ideas and concepts within your abstract paintings. Feel free to interpret the prompts in your own way, using them as a starting point for your artistic expression.

    As you progress through Acrylic April 2023, be sure to share your creations with the online community using the hashtags #AcrylicApril, #AcrylicApril2023, and #ItsNoJokeAcrylicApril. By connecting with fellow artists participating in the challenge, you'll find support, encouragement, and inspiration to keep pushing forward in your artistic journey.

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    Remember, the primary goal of this challenge is to have fun and grow as an artist. Don't be hard on yourself if you miss a day or create a piece that doesn't meet your expectations. The key is to learn from each experience and continue to develop your skills and confidence as an artist.

    So, grab your paintbrushes, set up your workspace (even if it's your kitchen table), and get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of abstract art. With each day of Acrylic April 2023, you'll gain new insights, hone your techniques, and create a collection of beautiful, powerful, and unique abstract paintings that reflect your artistic growth. Join us in this incredible artistic adventure, and let's make April 2023 a month to remember!

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    30 Days, 30 Powerful Little Paintings

    We hope that Every April, artists from all over the world take on the all Acrylic, all April painting challenge by doing one small acrylic painting every day for the entire month.

    I am creating the #AcrylicApril challenge as a way to introduce painters to the gifts of daily painting with Acrylic.This monthly challenge will help every acrylic artist unlock the true potential of the acrylic medium and their own art voice.

    Anyone can do Acrylic April,

    Just grab your paint, your brush and hit the studio (even if it’s your kitchen table).

    #AcrylicApril rules:

    1) Make a painting on a surface 12x12 or smaller. ( sorry for the confusion)

    My live classes use an 8x8 

    2) Share it online

    3) Hashtag it with #AcrylicArpril #AcrylicApril2022  

    #AcrylicAprilItsNoJoke   #TheArtSherpa   and be sure to add the day of the challenge, or word prompt, etc

    4) Repeat Daily from April 1 ( no fooling) to April 30th

    How to do the Challenge:

    Do your best to paint daily. Some Days may be artwork you are excited about, some days you may scribble out an abstract, but under no circumstances should your be hard on yourself. If you make 30 little paintings you are a winner. If you make less than 30 you are a winner. Do your best, paint anything you want using the prompts and/or the daily tutorials with The Art Sherpa

    Wait there are daily tutorials not just prompts ?? THAT'S right!!!

    This is an Art Sherpa painting challenge so it’s extra awesome.. This challenge comes with a daily live video lesson you can follow along with. So you can use the prompts, follow the lesson, or do your own thing. Either way you are going to succeed. This is going to change your art world.

    I will be teaching my lessons on an 8x8 surface.

    That's it! Now go make something beautiful.

    Anyone, from Anywhere in the world, no matter who you are or how much painting experience you have can Join in.

    You are invited to paint along!!

    How much does it cost?  -


    ( so you can buy more art supplies )

    Join the group and meet the community who is traveling on the Journey with you.

    Facebook Group 



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    Words prompts 

    1. Chaos and order
    2. Lost in translation
    3. Whispers in the wind
    4. Memories in motion
    5. Shadows in the night
    6. Dreams and reality
    7. Rhythm and movement
    8. Duality of light and dark
    9. Reflections in water
    10. Fragments of time
    11. Layers of emotion
    12. Cosmic energy
    13. Ethereal beauty
    14. Transcendent stillness
    15. Parallel universes
    16. Tangled emotions
    17. Fluidity of life
    18. Muted tones
    19. Vibrant energy
    20. Distorted reality
    21. Intense passion
    22. Fragile balance
    23. The art of chaos
    24. Interconnectedness
    25. Innermost thoughts
    26. Transformative power
    27. The passage of time
    28. Universal harmony
    29. Unseen connections
    30. Resilience and strength


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    During this year's Acrylic April, I used a more diverse range of brushes compared to previous years. Part of the reason for this was due to my travels, which meant I had to work with the brushes I had on hand. As a result, you may notice that I used different brands of brushes that serve similar purposes.

    To help you plan and organize your own brush collection, I have created two lists: a complete list and a simplified shopping list. The complete list includes every single tool I used, while the simplified list contains a more streamlined selection of essential brushes and tools.

    You don't necessarily need to own every brush I've used, even though each one is of high quality and comes highly recommended. Instead, use the complete list as a guide to help you build a personalized, simplified brush plan, or to help you identify brushes you already own that can serve similar purposes.

    By referring to both the complete and simplified lists, you can make informed decisions about which brushes to purchase or use, ensuring that you have the tools you need without feeling overwhelmed by an extensive collection.

    Happy painting!


    You can now shop at our STORE : https://store.theartsherpa.com

    *** Acrylic Paint Colors ***

    Cadmium Yellow Medium  

    Lemon Yellow Hansa 

    Cadmium Red mediu

    Quinacridone Magenta 

    Phthalo Blue Green shade   

    Ultramarine blue 

    Phthalo  Green Blue shade 

    Dioxazine Purple

    Burnt Sienna   

    Titanium white   

    Mars black

     posca pen white and black 3mm





    Sta-wet palette on show

    Dritz chalk tool 

    T Square Ruler

    Golden Glazing Liquid For Blending

    Artist Tape

    Suggested Short List (Simplified List for Students)

    1. Large Synthetic Bright
      • #30 Ex Firm Bright by Simply Simmons (or any similar brush)
    2. Large, Medium, and Small Synthetic Angle
      • 1 Inch, ½, and ¼ Angle by Catalyst (or any similar brush)
    3. Large and Small Hog Bristle Round
      • #20 Hog Round D'Artigny by Raphael (or any similar brush)
      • #8 Hog Round D’Artigny by Raphael (or any similar brush)
    4. Medium Hog Bright
      • #18 Bright Hog D'Artigny by Raphael (or any similar brush)
    5. Medium Synthetic Filbert
      • #4 filbert by Isabey (or any similar brush)
    6. Medium Synthetic Round
      • #10 Synthetic Textura Round by Raphael (or any similar brush)
    7. Small Synthetic Bright
      • #6 Catalyst by Princeton (or any similar brush)
    8. Ex Small Round Liner
      • #1 fine liner (or any similar brush)
    9. Trowel Palette Knife
      • by RGM (or any similar knife)
    10. Diamond Palette Knife
      • by RGM (or any similar knife)
    11. 3MM Posca Pen White
    12. Black Posca Pen 3MM

    Complete Brush List

    1. Large Synthetic Bright
      • #30 Ex Firm Bright by Simply Simmons
    2. Large Synthetic Oval Mop
      • 1” by Princeton
    3. Large Synthetic Angle
      • 1 Inch Angle by Catalyst
      • #20 Softcryl Angle by Raphael
    4. Medium Synthetic Angle
      • #8 Softcryl angle by Raphael
      • ½ angle by catalyst
      • ¼ angle by catalyst
    5. Large Hog Round
      • #20 Hog Round D'Artigny by Raphael
    6. Large Hog Bright
      • #20 Hog Bright D”Artigny by Raphael
      • #18 Bright Hog D'Artigny by Raphael
    7. Medium Hog Round
      • #8 Hog Round by Raphael
    8. Medium Hog Filbert (I used this 1 time)
      • (or “D” brush if you have one)
    9. Medium Hog Round
      • #8 Hog Round D’Artigny by Raphael
    10. Medium Synthetic Filbert
      • #4 filbert by Isabey
    11. Small Synthetic Round
      • #4 Simply Simons Ex Firm Round
    12. Medium Synthetic Bright
      • #12 bright textura by Raphael
    13. Medium Synthetic Round
      • #10 Synthetic Textura Round by Raphael
    14. Small Hog Round
      • #8 Hog Round D’Artigny by Raphael
    15. Small Synthetic Bright
      • #6 Catalyst by Princeton
    16. Ex Small Round Liner
      • #1 fine liner Select By Prinston 
      • #2 Line Precision by Rapheal 
    17. Trowel Palette Knife
      • by RGM
    18. Diamond Palette Knife
      • by RGM
    19. 3MM Posca Pen White
    20. Black Posca Pen 3MM

    What about the Books and School ???!!


    Online Coming SOON


    Online Coming Soon 


    How to Read a Color Wheel

    How to Tint Tone and Shade

    The 8 Colors all painters must have


    Color Schemes


    How to mix Color

    How to use a palette knife 

    Set you your studio and materials 

    Get ready for a Daily painting 

    Create Color chart

    Split Primary Color Wheel

    How to use a Traceable   

    Practice Techniques 

    PREP Playlist



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